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A Natural Beauty Product From Your Kitchen Will Make You Glow Like Stars!!


A Natural Beauty Product From Your Kitchen Will Make You Glow Like Stars!!

Extreme pollution and change in climate affect your skin the most. The problem with the Indian skin tone is that it’s oily enough to make you feel greasy all time. The accumulation of so much oil on your skin is directly related to your pores. Which on the lack of proper moisturizing secrets more oil than the usual and how not to thank the amount of humidity that does it’s job pretty fine. And in this article we will be telling you about a natural beauty product that will make your skin.

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The struggle for flawless skin is a matter of time and care which most of us avoid most of the time. With a jam-packed schedule, we are bound to care less about our skin. Little do we know that there are tons of secret ingredients lying on your kitchen shelf that could give your flawless skin if used well within no matter of time. One such ingredient from your kitchen that works miraculously for your skin is gram flour aka Besan. Surely all of us are pretty aware of this ingredient and guess what Aishwarya Rai herself confessed about using gram flour as a key ingredient for her skincare.

What you have to do with Besan?

Just Mix it with a pinch of turmeric, honey and milk. Milk moisturises your skin and honey gives a natural glow to your skin. Turmeric keeps acne and its marks at a bay. Besan will take care of your pores exfoliating your skin giving it a nourishing glow and scraping off the dead skin. Natural Beauty Product Mix all the ingredient well and apply it on your face till it dries a bit. Wash your face with cold water by scrubbing off your face gently in circular motion. Do this religiously for thrice in a week and notice great results. And if you have dry skin then, you can also add cream (malai).

So, this was the natural beauty product that makes your skin glow. Hope this natural beauty product will help you.

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