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What Kind Of Ex Are You As Per Your Zodiac!!


What Kind Of Ex Are You As Per Your Zodiac!!

Love is complicated and could take out the best or worst of you according to different scenario. Your emotions are something that can drag you on your knees overpowering your own existence. A heartbreak is as complicated as love which is governed by none other than your star signs. Some went completely psycho after a breakup whereas some others end themselves in vain. Listed here the zodiac signs and the kind of ex they become after a heartbreak.  Have a read:-

1. Aries

Arians are the kind of ex who are extremely reckless after a heartbreak. They will start binge eating and spending all their time on Netflix.  They crave exciting distractions to distance themselves from their negative emotions and might get diverted towards some really nasty aspects of life to conquer their emotions.

2. Taurus

They lock themselves emotionally after a breakup. For them, a new relationship takes a really long time to open up. One more thing you give up on is mutual friends, you may punish them or could make a distance from them without any prior notice.

3.  Gemini

Gemini are the kind of ex who goes through a really tough time as an ex. You can do all kind of whacky stuff one can expect to get out from your inner emotions. You are fearless and does not reckon yourself from taking out a new side of you.  You can get a makeover, fly out on vacation or could become flirtatious after a serious heartbreak.

4. Cancer

You completely act as a crazy ex who desperately hoping to win him/her back with some of the craziest things one can ever do. You will do whatever it takes to make him realise what he has lost, not to be back with him, just to prove what he missed out.

5. Leo

You need to fill in the void somehow and for that, you start updating everything on social media. You wanna scream in front of the world that you’re normal enough after a breakup even if you’re actually not. You will create a whole bunch of misinterpretations around yourself to get the sort of attention you once had from your love.

6. Virgo

You sometimes do turn down thing nasty after a nasty breakup. You want your ex to feel the pain from which you went through and probably you’ll succeed well in doing so. You have the intelligence to make him cringe over his mistakes and you’ll not stop until he realises this.

7. Libra

You don’t seek revenge on your ex. All you want is to keep a check on your mutual friends. You would probably love to make a brief bond with mutual friends so that they won’t damage your personification under any circumstances. If it’s going to end, it should end on a wiser note.

8. Scorpio

You can’t sit up calm after hurting a Scorpio. They will pass you all the led comments they had in their dictionary. No one can hurt a Scorpio if someone tries to they will get a lesson for their life. You will trash them up on social media and in front of mutual friends. Things might turn nasty and that’s exactly a Scorpio is supposed to act.

9. Sagittarius

Saggis are the kind of ex who will turn things down on a sweeter note by wishing all the luck to their partner. They will never hold any grudges and overly emotional instincts are not made for them, Obviously, they will feel left out for a while but they know how to handle things well and get out of it in a more positive way.

10. Capricorn

Kind Of Ex

Capricorn are the kind of ex who will try to make you feel guilty for moving on. A Capricorn wants to maintain a strategic distance from outrage of any kind and will clear up everything that may remind them anything related to you even if it is a mere picture or a gift.

11. Aquarius

Kind Of Ex

For you, distraction works the best.  You may start a new pet-project with someone else to get all the attention and love you can get to distract yourself from the emotional trauma you’re going through. For you, it is too important to get out of it at soon as possible otherwise you will find your new obsession in your new project.

12. Pisces

Kind Of Ex

You are the kind of ex who will turn all creative after a heartbreak. If anyone around you has suddenly become a poet or a writer after a breakup, they’re probably a Pisces.

So, this is the information about what kind of ex you you become after a heartbreak.

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