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The Color Of The Feather That You Pick Tells You About Your Personality- Find Out What Kind Of A Person You Are!


The Color Of The Feather That You Pick Tells You About Your Personality- Find Out What Kind Of A Person You Are!

Everyone has a favorite colour and often prefer to buy clothes, accessories and various other things of that colour! Did you know that your favorite colour actually reflects your personality? Well, if you didn’t know that, then here is a little game for you which will tell you what kind of personality you have. All you have to do is select a coloured feather!

Follow these steps one by one:

  •  Relax your mind and focus on the colours of all the feathers.
  • Look at the curves and bends of all the feathers.
  • Pick the one which draws your attention the most.
  • See the result and know about your personality!

1. Yellow feather

The people who chose this colour enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others. You feel the need to express your individuality and usually carry the aura of someone with cheerful intelligence! You are very alert mentally and people often compare you to sunshine!

2. Red Feather

You are a very passionate and self-motivated person who lives life to the fullest. You are tenacious and determined in your endeavors. Your courage will lead you to a successful life with good fortune! Your personality is magnetic and often attracts other people, who find it appealing!

3. Purple Feather

You adapt easily to the changes. You are more spiritually at one with yourself and love learning new things but tend to isolate yourself a bit. This is because you like learning for yourself. However, people who love you will always be there to support you when you need them!

4. Orange Feather

You are an imaginative and creative person who constantly comes up with new ideas. Your strong and flamboyant personality makes everybody love you! You are an optimist and an extrovert who is energetic both, physically and mentally!

5. Blue Feather

People who chose the blue feather have an independent personality who is reliable and sensitive. Depending on anyone else for getting your work done is something that you will never do. You always achieve your goals and feel that stability is very important in life. You are a harmonious person who always makes an effort to think of others! Calmness and serenity radiate from you!

6. Green Feather

Those who love the color green are often affectionate, loyal and frank. You an enthusiastic person who has a lot going on in your mind! You don’t like sitting idle and rather like to handle multiple projects! Health is a non negotiable issue for you and your love for your health keeps you fit!

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