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This Brilliant IIT Delhi PhD Student Hanged Herself After Harassment for DOWRY – SHAMEFUL!


This Brilliant IIT Delhi PhD Student Hanged Herself After Harassment for DOWRY – SHAMEFUL!

Pursuing Ph.D. from one of the most prestigious institutions IIT Delhi, a student Manjula Devak decided to end her life after being harassed physically and emotionally by her in-laws. This harassment for dowry made her do a crime to kill her own self.

It was not the first time that Manjula tried to commit suicide. Earlier in 2015, she tried to end her life by slitting her wrist. Manjula married Ritesh Virha in 2013 after which her husband left the job to start his business for which he was constantly demanding 20 lakhs from Manjula as dowry. Her in-laws were even beating her brutally for the same because of which she decided to end her life after four years of her marriage on Tuesday.

Her recent chats with her sister revealed the plight she might be going through since years. Manjula was said to be under depression regarding her marital issues since quite a long time. She was working in U.S before she joined IIT Delhi. She was depressed because of the harassment for dowry by her in-laws.

Harassment for DOWRY

Here’s the chat between Manjula and her sister which contains some shocking elements:-

Ironically, women are harassed for dowry till today irrespective of their societal stature and educational background. Police is investigating more on this case and as far the investigations going out in the right direction. A woman with so many dreams and opportunities lost her life yet again because of societal stigma of treating women as “materialistic things”.

But Then The Question Arises-

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For How Long Women Have To Suffer this harassment for dowry?

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