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5 Years Old Fighting Cancer Marries 6 Years Old Best Friend forever!


5 Years Old Fighting Cancer Marries 6 Years Old Best Friend forever!

A brave little girl, Eileidh Paterson, who had the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, was joined by hundreds of well-wishers as she ‘married’ Harrison Grier,

six, in a fairy tale-themed bash on June 18. This little angel was overjoyed as she experienced her dream fairytale wedding! Hundreds of well-wishers attended their fairytale ‘wedding’ at the AECC in Aberdeen – with some guests travelling hundreds of miles to be there. And, the footage of the ceremony was shared worldwide and seen by viewers in a long list of countries including China, Australia and America! A version of Eileidh’s life story written as a fairy tale by her mother was read out in the emotional ceremony. The cancer was referred to as an “evil beast” in the story and Gail described her daughter as “a princess who would stop at nothing to survive” while documenting her fight against the disease.  “The two of them just have this magical bond. Harrison has always said that he loves her and that he wanted to marry her,” Ms Paterson said. “She has been telling all the nurses that she has a boyfriend and that they are going to get married.” The adorable duo’s first dance was to Psy’s Gangnam Style. Sadly the little girl lost her battle with cancer on June 1, her heartbroken family aims to make people more aware of the symptoms of the illness.

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