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A 5 Year Old Girl Raped In Delhi By School Peon!!


A 5 Year Old Girl Raped In Delhi By School Peon!!

Often bubbly and chirpy a 5-year-old girl entered her house after school disturbed and quiet. She refused to eat her lunch and was looking for an excuse to slip into the bathroom. When she got the chance, she frantically started washing blood stains from her clothes caused due to sexual exploitation at her school by none other than a school peon. Her parents checked in and found her bleeding from her genitalia after which they admitted her to a nearby hospital. Checkout the details about 5 year old girl raped in Delhi.

The incident instantly outraged parents who are deeply concerned for their saplings safety in the school premises. As per police officials:-

“Vikas lured the minor with a candy and took her inside the empty classroom where he sexually assaulted her.”

The traumatized child later mentioned the incident to a teacher who allegedly laughed off at it. She told the teacher that “Uncle had beaten her with fingers down there” to which the teacher replied that “she’ll beat the uncle later for this”.

The alleged teacher even reached the hospital to meet the victim and offered her chocolates in private to suppress the case. As per victim’s parents:-

“Had the teacher acted, my daughter wouldn’t have been washing her own blood,” – her father.

While her mother demands an action on the school and the teacher as well.

“Today, it has happened with my child. Tomorrow, it could happen to another child. I want the school to be shut down,”

Girl Raped In Delhi

The child was admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital and is said to be stable as of now, but the emotional trauma with which the child has gone through will take a really long time to heal.

The Delhi Commission for Women has asked for the CCTV footage of the incident asking for a reply from the Institute. DCW chief Swati Maliwal said-

“It is a shame to see such incidents repeatedly. “We demand that an inquiry be completed at the earliest and death penalty be awarded to the perpetrators so they understand that such cases cannot be excused.”

How Much Safe Kids Are At School?

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