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12 Struggles Every Girls With Long Nails Can Understand!


12 Struggles Every Girls With Long Nails Can Understand!

Every girl love to have long nails. And of course long pretty nails always nail the look. It gives an overall shape to the finger, making your hands look kissable. Though many of us are not able to maintain them, or our nails are just too thin to survive all the struggles. But, there are girls who grow their nails, maintain them, live with them and are all okay to keep them. And it is no secret that long nails can be most attractive and most appealing to men, especially with that elegant nail polish on.

But while long nails may look the best, the time required in keeping them is unimaginable. Constantly cleaning them, keeping them away from sharp objects is just too much effort. And believe me the struggle is real. Except maintaining nails, there are many other things at which the girl with long nails struggle, like opening a can, typing, doing makeup and many more. And in this article we have penned down some struggles every girl with long nails can easily understand. So, here have a look at the list!

1) The Text Messages You Send Are Full Of Typos!

But, that’s not your mistake as beautiful long nails is a priority even if it takes around 30 minutes to type a single text message.

2) The Struggle You Have To Face While Applying Makeup

Trust me applying that eyeliner with long nails is as difficult as balancing on a seesaw.

3) Zipping Up Your Shoes Or For That Matter, Even Your Jeans Gets Really Difficult.

The fear of losing your long pretty nails is constant while zipping up your shoes. And the focused struggle is it’s so damn difficult to hold the zip with long nails.

4) The Most Irritating Part Is Applying Body Lotions And Sunscreen With Long Nails

This is the worst part of having long nails.

5) You Always End Up Disturbing Your Co-Workers By Your Noisy Typing.

And your co-workers are like “you don’t you trim those nails”

6) Pulling Out Your Card From ATM Machine Is One Difficult Task.

Yes, it may sound funny, but it actually happens.

7) Yes! You Guessed It Right, FLUSHING!

Yup! it is one of the struggle.

8) Soda Or Beer Cans Are Completely Out Of Your Reach.

9) Get Locked In That Car

10) Your Writing Speed Is Always Slow Because Of Nails

And you have to copy others work.

11) Breaking A Nail Is Literally One Of Your Worst Nightmares.

It’s heartbreaking.

12) If One Chips Off, Then Trimming Others Becomes Mandatory

Or else your fingers look really bad, also you don’t want to scare people off!

So, these were some struggles girls with long nails can understand. Do you keep long nails? If yes, then you must have faced these struggles everyday. And do let us know about any more struggles that you face. For more such articles stay tuned!

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