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10 Bollywood Beauties Who Have Never Gone For Plastic Surgery!!


10 Bollywood Beauties Who Have Never Gone For Plastic Surgery!!

We always consider the Bollywood actresses as the most beautiful women, and start considering them as our role model. But, do you know most of these actresses undergo plastic surgery to look more beautiful and to enhance their particular features, Shocked? Yes, it is true, but there are some natural beauties in Bollywood who have never gone for plastic surgery and looks totally beautiful and gorgeous without the surgery. And in this article we will be telling you about those 10 Bollywood beauties who have never gone for plastic surgery. Here, have a look!

1) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The epitome of beauty, our dear Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the Bollywood beauties who has never gone for plastic surgery. Even after her pregnancy, she spent quite some time to shed post-pregnancy weight and has never gone under the surgery and has no plans to do so in future.

2) Alia Bhatt

The heart of youth, Alia Bhatt used to be a chubby kid. And she made it a point to shed the extra kilos for her debut film Student Of The Year. But she did not opt any plastic surgery procedures.

3) Deepika Padukone

The dazzling diva, Deepika Padukone is naturally very beautiful. She clearly said NO to have any plastic surgery. From her debut film Om Shanti Om to now, she has evolved as a great actress and has no future plans to undergo plastic surgery.

4) Sonakshi Sinha

The ravishing beauty of Bollywood, Sonakshi Sinha has always been trolled for her overweight body. But she never bowed down to any surgical operations. And her hard work and dedication leads her to have a toned body.

5) Genelia D’souza

Bubbly Genelia D’Souza, who is the mother of two kids is naturally very beautiful. She has never gone under any cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance and this can make anyone feel confident. And she doesn’t even need to.

6) Ileana D’ Cruz

Elegant Ileana D’cruz looks perfect in her natural beauty, her features and glow makes everyone fall for her. And this is why she never went under any cosmetic surgery.

7) Parineeti Chopra

The stunning actress, Parineeti Chopra had a chubby and heavy body, which was the biggest reason of her flop career in the beginning. But, after working out hard, she made her comeback with a toned and sexy body. And not even once she thought of going under Plastic surgery.

8) Shraddha Kapoor

The girl next door Shraddha Kapoor has always been a natural girl and chooses to wear minimal makeup at parties and at award shows. She is also one of those actresses who have not undergone cosmetic treatment and looks beautiful in the most natural way.

9) Sonam Kapoor

The trend setter, Sonam Kapoor is the fashionista of Bollywood. She was once 90 kg and was clueless in her school days and junk food was the only thing that appealed to her. But, with her dedication she lost the weight and became the most successful actress of Bollywood.

10) Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon, the mother of two kids was seen aging gracefully and still looks ravishing and beautiful. She definitely needs to be applauded for the amazing figure and sculpted look she has maintained over all these years without undergoing any plastic surgery.

So, these were some Bollywood beauties who said NO to plastic surgeries.

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